Carl 1952-2012

Dedicated to the memory of Carl 1%er Our brother carl was a member of Outlaws mc Leicestershire for a loyal 18 years. In 2011 he followed his dream and transferred to our Brothers in Bangkok Thailand where he intended to spend the rest of his days.

A man with an insatiable appetite for all the challenges ourThailand brothers had to offer, he enjoyed every day as if it was his last. He died on his Harley having done all the things he ever wanted to do, we wish he could have had a while longer.

Affectionately know as Godfrey to some of his Leicestershire Brothers he will be remembered for all his crazy ways. Our unending respect to our Brothers in the Bangkok chapters of Outlaws mc Thailand for looking after him so well in life and as they did afterwards in Death

His spirit lives in the clubhouse..... C'mon Carl 1%er
Kes 1958-2012

Dedicated to the memory of Kes, a loyal and dedicated ex club member. He moved to Leicester to follow his own dream. He probated and joined the Leicestershire chapter of the Pariah mc , he saw through the changes to become a member of Outlaws Midlands mc and Outlaws England mc

In the year 2000 he was part of the club that joined the worldwide nation of outlaws and was one of the first outlaws off the plane in the USA to meet the then president of the USA "Taco".

Kes a man with a wicked sense of humour who liked to be known as a bitter northern bastard and built some true Outlaw bikes. If there is a long road in the after life we hope he is on it.

RIP Kes. (gaffer)